GHIBLI represents the highest level of technology in the world of road vehicles suitable for suction by means of vacuum and pneumatic transport of dry and liquid materials, including hazardous “ADR”, because it is able to suck from great depth any type of wet, dry, liquid or dusty material, without interruption of the suction or downtime, thanks to its unique automatic filtering system and discharge of dust from the filter body.

The innovative and proven filtration system of the dust through huge proportions filter with a battery of thermo-sealed filtering bags of enormous filtering surface, and its revolutionary automatic system of bags cleaning and evacuation of the dust from the filter body directly into the waste tank, make GHIBLI being an easy to use equipment free from extensive and tedious daily maintenance operations.

GHIBLI can be prod of a very high efficiency and power, thanks to the use of superior quality lobe type pumps of very high capacity able to reach 93% (28“Hg) vacuum, as well as the ability to transport powders over than 60 m high thanks to its special pneumatic discharge system.

Thanks to its equipment made of pumps of high performances and durable high reliability against abrasive and aggressive materials, GHIBLI is able to operate in various industrial sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, iron & steel, mining, cement, paper, leather, purification, and others.

GHIBLI is also equipped with a powerful high pressure jet cleaning system of sewer lines, with high pressure water pump, hydraulic hose reel and a wide range of accessories, which makes it a multi functional equipment ready for any work requirements.

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