Triple-axle rear compactor

Triple-axle rear compactor

Longo has designed and created a range of compactors using innovative technologies.

The technical staff focused on the equipment global performance, adapting specific devices to help eliminate periodical maintenance thanks to the use of anti-wear and self-lubricating materials.

In addition, it has researched and designed an all-purpose system of bin grips with well-articulated attachments, to allow operators to work even on less stable surfaces.

  • Front and back hydraulic raising of the compactor for waste mixing and transfer in big auto-compactors. The container is jointed to the vehicle frame with two rear double-effect hydraulic jacks to lift containers in order to allow the waste transfer to other compactors keeping a high stability during the transfer phase.
  • Capability of receiving small satellite vehicles with extreme matching ease and ingestion velocity.

Compactors functions

The electro-hydraulic plant, managed by PLC, is characterized by an automatic cycle for the 4 phases of the compacting group.

It permits the following functions: single and continuous cycle, manual cycle using an electronic master controller, synchronized cycle with bin-turner.

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