Rotating compactor

Rotating  compactor

The system of municipal solid waste compaction by rotation, which for over half a century has been widely used for its great effectiveness with particular types of waste and for the remarkable ease of operation, located in the recent changes, revolutionary innovations that reproduce as a modern and effective means of work.

Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the container is no longer of complex and noisy systems based on gear wheels, sprockets and chains, but quietly, on a fifth wheel coupling keyed on the circumference of the cylinder. The rotation of the container is generated by a planetary gear fixed on the anterior wall of the cylinder which is powered by a hydraulic pump mounted on the PTO of trasmission gear. A special treatment sound-absorbing of newly developed and applied over the entire outer surface, further lowering the noise of the equipment.

Tailgate with propeller thrust and waste compression in-hinged superiorly to allow, at discharge, total opening that occurs through two double acting hydraulic cylinders, equipped with safety devices anti-fall. The lid mating-container is at the total outfit, made with steel ring anti-wear in contact with the edge of the container. This ring also prevents the escape of dust, creating a outfit at “Labyrinth”.


Tailgate with propeller thrust and waste compression.

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