Hydrojet fire preventing equipment

Hydrojet fire preventing equipment

LONGO technology applied to the vehicles for urban sanitation. Here is a very versatile vehicle that offers many services: stainless steel tank “Fiorettato” AISI 316L suitable for carrying drinking water, wet road, street washing, washing sidewalks, pump for watering gardens and necessary for extinguishing fires. The self-priming pump features a handy reel also allows the transfer of water.

Hydrojet 35Q - 75Q and More Capacity

  • Stainless steel tank “Fiorettato” AISI 316 L, various capacity.
  • Washing road bar fixed or movable hydraulically.
  • Washing sidewalks swivel.
  • Hose reels and accessories.
  • Auxiliary Engine noiseless.
  • Fire hose.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Side Containers for the containment of the accessories.

Wet Road Function

Function wet road with outputs out front with a remarkable range of coverage: about 10 square meters.

Pump Whit Hose Reel

Pump with hose reel and jet large-scale for the functions of watering gardens and off fires.

Washing Sidewalk Function

Sidewalk washing function through adjustable nozzle controlled in the cabin.

Washing Road Function

Washing road function with stainless steel bar in the front, with adjustable high pressure nozzles with 6 degrees of movement.

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