Side bin-washer

Side bin-washer

Technology LONGO at the service of urban hygiene.

The result is a “Bin-washer” silent and fast.

The equipment comprises: a washing chamber entirely covered with aluminum or, on request, in stainless steel, movable nozzles which provide a uniform and effective cleaning of the container both internally and externally and an independent system for the disinfection of bins.


  • Water tank 316L stainless steel exterior paint.
  • Stainless steel body painted.
  • Back Loading for washing bins in stainless steel.
  • Ensures the capture and washing of all types of container.
  • Can be supplied with an auxiliary motor muted.
  • Management System with PLC.
  • Water pump and barrel pump at high performance.

Auxiliary Engine

The auxiliary engine, optional on Bin-washer, can make all the equipment detached from the engine of the vehicle. This reduces significantly the working times, as the washing of containers takes place simultaneously with the movement of the vehicle.

Washing Chambre

Fully coated aluminium or, on request, in stainless steel with movable nozzles for effective cleaning and uniform inner and outer box.

Side Loading

Rear Loading

System of loading

Through mechanical arms for a automatic grab faster and more efficient.

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