Mini bin-washer

Mini bin-washer

LONGO technology is highly suitable for urban sanitation.

The result is a silent and fast BIN – WASHER.

The equipment is made up of a washing chamber entirely lined in aluminum or, if desired, in stainless steel. Moving nozzles ensure a uniform and effective cleaning both inside and outside and an independent system for disinfecting bins.


  • 316L Stainless steel externally painted water tank
  • painted stainless steel chassis
  • stainless steel rear loading bin washers
  • ensures the grip and washing of all bin types
  • can be equipped with muffled auxiliary engine
  • Managing system with PLC
  • high performance water pump and transfer pump

Auxiliary Engine

The auxiliary engine, which is optional on bin-washers, allows the entire equipment to work independently from the vehicle engine. This remarkably reduces the working times, as bins are washed while the vehicle moves.

Washing Chamber

Entirely lined in aluminum or, if desired, in stainless steel, with moving nozzles ensuring an efficient and uniform cleaning both inside and outside the bin.

Side Loading

Rear Loading

Loading System

Mechanical arms ensure a faster and more efficient automatic grip.

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