Special vehicles

Special vehicles

Company leader in advanced engineering, with a presence over ten years.

During its years of activity in the construction of vehicles for the ecology has treated especially the research, design and production of new technological solutions that enabled the LONGO Ltd. to arise in the first few posts on the Italian market and abroad.

Special equipment multipurpose environmental clean-up operation aimed at the reinstate of road altered as a result of road accidents.


  • Suction machine suitable for recovery of materials and pollutants / hazardous liquid.
  • Apparatus for recovery of debris and solid material scattered on the floor.
  • Kit of intervention materials and hazardous substances.
  • medical waste recovery equipment at risk of infection (blood).
  • Containers for debris of large size.
  • Approved containers for recovery of small dead animals.
  • Equipment of signs to demarcate spaces and divert traffic.
  • Video-recording equipment in the theater of claim, transfer images and data to the Central Operations.
  • Tools for early intervention to help people trapped in vehicles.
  • Inverter 1500W.
  • Tower-lighthouse mobile.
  • First aid kit health.Icitem eum is.
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